Nancy Kelly Allen


a chapter book, coming in 2018

Tony Spooner is a kid with big problem. He wraps his tongue around words and they spill out of his mouth, twisted.  The twisted words are named Spoonerisms in honor of a long-ago relative. Tony carries on the family tradition, much to his disappointment. When he tries to say, “bite her tongue” the twisted words “tite her bongue” pour out.

Spewing spoonerisms isn’t his only problem. When Tony accidently bumps into a new kid in school, he comes face to face with a bully. The more Tony tries to avoid the bully, he discovers the bully is not easy to shake. After a series of threats and destruction of a class project, Tony has to make a decision: Will he stand up to the bully or keep trying to avoid him? With another slip of the tongue, Tony realizes that spoonerisms may not be so bad after all.